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30 Inspiring Motion Graphic Reels and Sequences

Motion graphics are used in things such as commercials, title sequences, and other forms of animation. Using motion can bring a piece of art to life, and this is why we have compiled a list of 30 awe inspiring motion graphic reels and sequences that will be sure to inspire static and dynamic designers alike.

The Cigarette Is Dead

The Big Lebowski Typography

Sinesthesics Showreel 2009

Fraser Davidson Showreel 2009

Fraser Davidson Showreel 2010


Jon Yeo. Motion Graphics Showreel

Wiimix Fall 2009 Demo Reel

Artificial Paradise, Inc.

Sony Ericsson

Print in Motion

Twit CES 2010 Open Bumper

Quantum of Solace: Main Title Sequence Reel

The Beatles Rock Band: Chapter Six

The Beatles Rock Band: Chapter Seven

Bond “Barrel” Shot

“How to Live Forever” – Title Sequence

Jordan Clarke Title Sequence

Into the Wild Title Sequence

Silent Sam Title Sequence

Planet Hulk Open Titles

Respect the Architects

“Just for Kicks” – Documentary Title Sequence

The Kite Runner: Opening Title Sequence

Bakelite (old & new)

Unplugged Title Sequence

Showreel 2010



This was written by Matthew Heidenreich

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