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Creating Seamless Textures from Photos in Photoshop

In this quick, but very useful tutorial I will teach you how to create a seamless texture from any stock photo or image. This can be very useful when creating repeatable backgrounds for your websites background, or for your 3D modeling projects.

Lets get started

1. The first thing we want to do is open up our stock photo that we want to turn into a seamless repeatable image. .

2. My image is 800×515. We are going to want to know what half of each of these numbers is for the next step of this tutorial. In my case, I need the numbers 400 and 257. Once you know these numbers, go to Filter>Other>Offset.

3. Once you insert those items into their appropriate fields, your image will look something like the following:

4. Now you will notice there is a ugly crease that we need to get rid of. To do this we need to use our Clone Stamp Tool (S). Set the opacity to 100%, and then clone that crease out by sampling areas around the crease to make it blend together. These are my results after a few minutes of cloning:

5. Depending on the image your using, we could stop there and be finished. But for the image we are using, we need to fix a couple more things that will stand out once our image starts to repeat. The two items in question are the Red brick, and gray brick below.

6. Once it starts to repeat, these two bricks will stand out and distract your eye and we don’t want that. So lets go ahead and begin with the red brick at the top. The easiest thing to do is to use our Sponge Tool (O) to desaturate our red brick a little to make it as faded as the others. Set your Flow to about 30%, and then brush over your brick until you get something that looks like the following:

7. For your gray brick, we want to give it a “yellower” color. To do so use your Clone Stamp Tool (S) with its opacity set to 50%. We want to sample (option+Click) from the following brick to get the desired effect:

8. When you are complete your texture will look like the following:

9. All that is left to do is to set it as a pattern. To do so go to Edit>Define Pattern, and insert the desired name that you want. That’s it! Your done! This will work for any stock photo you find on the web. So if you find a texture you like, but don’t like the fact that it’s not repeatable, now you can do it yourself. Here is an example of the pattern being repeated:

The video demos to help you lean different techniques used in photoshop.



This was written by Matthew Heidenreich

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