Create a Clean and Classy Web Design in Photoshop


In this web design tutorial, you will learn how to create an elegant and professional web layout that can be used as a web portfolio site. We will use various Photoshop techniques, relying on basic tools such as shape tools and layer styles that will result in a usable web design. As a bonus, we have included a working HTML/CSS/JavaScript web template that you can download and use in any way that you like, free of charge!

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71 Magnificent Examples of Concept Art


Concept Art consist of taking Illustrations which are usually hand drawn, and then importing them into a program like Photoshop, or Painter and digitally painting them. It is widely used for movies, video games, and other sources of media as a way to lay out what the product will look like. I have compiled a list of 71 magnificent concept art designs that will make your mouth water.

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