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The 8 Best Image Uploading Websites & Applications

I went on a search for a number of good options for uploading images straight from my desktop, while spending the least amount of time doing it. It can be a hassle when sites require you to create albums when all you want to do is share a quick screenshot of something you have created, or send a link to a picture you may have taken. So here are the best eight image hosting options to choose from.

OS X – Upload straight from your desktop



I have used this application very frequently when sharing a quick image or stock images because of its easy of use and one click file sharing option.  Just drag your photo onto the Skitch application icon in your osx dock and your photo will be ready to upload.  While being simple and lightweight, it also provides you the option to add effects to your photo within the easy to use editor before uploading to the web.  The only negative thing about this application is that it will degrade the quality of your image after being uploaded to its site.  Skitch and free to use, but requires a Mac to use.


With Droplr it makes sharing images a breeze, as well as just about anything else for that matter.  You can share files, images, notes & code snippets (with syntax highlighting), as well as providing you with twitter integration for you to post things on the go within the application itself.  This is a very useful app that looses the extra weight Skitch has by removing some of the “pretty” accessories.

Websites – Upload straight from your browser


Everyone you ask has probably heard of ImageShack, and that is exactly why it is worth mentioning.  They allow you to upload photos with a few clicks through their brower upload tool, or by downloading their quick uploader for your Windows, Mac, and Linux computer.  They have just released an application for the iPhone as well to share your photos on the go.



This one does exactly what it says in its slogan, “the simple image sharer.”  With a couple clicks you will be provided with a link to share your images with the world.  They also provide a firefox plugin, and os x dock uploader.


This is another one that needs no introduction.  PhotoBucket has been around for years, and allows you to do a variety of things with your photos.  You are required to have an account before uploading, but once your registered, you will be able to upload very quickly in no time at all.



With a couple clicks you can have your photo online without any registration hassle at all.  You can upload photos as well as videos for everyone to view on their site.  It is free to use, but does not allow you to upload straight from your desktop.


Another simple and straightforward approach to sharing your images, but does lack on how many images you are allowed to share.  It is still worth taking a look at, even though it doesn’t offer some of the features the others do.


Another easy to use upload website that reminds me a lot like Imageshack.  This is because of its terrible layout.  But once you get past that, the site does exactly what it sets out to do, offers you to place to host your images with ease.

In Conclusion…

While most of these sites also have their own tools to upload from your desktop, a lot of them don’t work all to well and you’ll be better off using your browser to get the job done.

If you have any image hosting websites you use that were not mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comments.



This was written by Matthew Heidenreich

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