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vintage/old movie posters

7 Amazing Old Movie Posters [A trip to the past]

I’ve been listening to old music and watching vintage films lately, and I’ve decided to post some examples of old/vintage movie posters that really give me nostalgic feels, most of these are from before my time but they still take me back, they have a really weird effect on me that I can’t describe… but I love it.

It’s amazing how much things have changed, here are some examples of beautiful movie posters from the past:

1. Sunset boulevard 1950: An amazing movie for its time, this poster really captures the spirit of the movie.

Old movie poster of sunset boulevard

2. Singin’ in the rain 1952

old movie poster - singing in the rain



3. lawrence of arabia 1962: I love this one, really makes you wanna go see this movie doesn’t it?

old movie poster - lawrence of arabia



4. Vertigo 1958: Simple…yet amazing. I like this poster, and I like the film even more.

vintage movie posters - vertigo

5. Under the red sea (documentary) 1951

vintage movie poster - under the sea documentary



6. The exorcist 1973: Ahhh…a nice little flashback of all the nightmares I had when I first saw this one.

vintage movie posters - the exorcist



7. The war of the worlds 1953: The originl movie, not the one with Tom Cruise.

vintage movie poster - war of the worlds



Please leave a comment if you liked these! What are your favorite old movie posters?

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