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Brick & Stone: Texture Pack

This is a collection of free stone and brick textures for you to download. There are 24 textures available in this freebie. You can use these for personal or commercial purposes in your work, though we require you to ask for permission to redistribute them. All textures are 2048×1353.

The idea behind the Textures

I have been living in Chicago for almost a year now and have been amazed by what this city has to offer.  This week I decided I would strap up my camera and just go on a walk, with no destination in mind.  The goal of this adventure was to find as many unique textures as I could throughout my journey, and then share them with the community.  This is the first pack of many that I will be sharing with you guys and gals.  Enjoy!


The following are thumbnail previews of the textures.  To view the full-scale texture, just click on the image you desire.  The textures can be downloaded in a zip file at the bottom of this post.

Texture 01

brick texture 1

Texture 02

brick texture 2

Texture 03

brick texture 3

Texture 04

brick texture 4

Texture 05

brick texture 5

Texture 06

brick texture 6

Texture 07

brick texture 7

Texture 08

brick texture 8

Texture 09

brick texture 9

Texture 10

brick texture 10

Texture 11

brick texture 11

Texture 12

brick texture 12

Texture 13

brick texture 13

Texture 14

brick texture 14

Texture 15

brick texture 15

Texture 16

brick texture 16

Texture 17

brick texture 17

Texture 18

brick texture 18

Texture 19

brick texture 19

Texture 20

brick texture 20

Texture 21

brick texture 21

Texture 22

brick texture 22

Texture 23

brick texture 23

Texture 24

brick texture 24

If you found this pack useful, please check out this other amazing high resolution texture pack HERE.



This was written by Matthew Heidenreich

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