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Featured Areas in Web Design: Examples & Best Practices

Whether it be for a portfolio, or a blog, there are many instances when you want to make your viewer see a particular message displayed in bold at the top of your web design. There are various trends that web designers use to get their message across, and I have compiled a list of the best practices and examples in designing a featured area for your website.

Slider Boxes

The use of sliding boxes to display dynamic content has become very popular over the past couple years to pull aside content and let users know you want them to view it.  The trend among web designers is to use these fairly simple actions to display featured designs in their portfolio.  It looks like designers are moving away from flash (I realize there are still those who love it) for dynamic content in web design, and using other alternatives to create the same effects in a more compatible, and efficient way.  Here are a few examples of creative uses of slider boxes within websites.

OH! Media

Senso Studios


Design Junction

Idealist Consulting

Designs Genius

Studio Bennett




James Lai Creative

Galan – Interactive Media

Dino Latoga

Crush + Lovely


Large Images Catch the Eye

There is nothing like getting right up in your face with a large vibrant image.  This will always pull the viewers eye into what you want them to see.  There are plenty of bad ways to do this, but when done right, you can create something beautiful.   Here are some practices of using large thumbnails, or images, to draw the view into the site.

Mike Precious


Henry Jones

Tony Geer

Leigh Taylor

Andrew Bradshaw Media


Authentic Style

Large Typography

Typography can be a beautiful thing.  I’ve shown you , and now it’s time to display how you can make a visually appealing featured area based around type design.  As simple as these are, it can be a real feat to create.  Simple is not always the easiest choice, but here are some beautiful examples of it working with typography to get your message across.

New Concept

Jeroen Homan



Rikcat Industries

Danny Blackman


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This was written by Matthew Heidenreich

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